#1 Franck Muller Vanguard Tourbillon Skeleton V 45 T SQT RG watch von leekiki 12.07.2021 03:41

Franck Muller Vanguard Tourbillon Skeleton V 45 T SQT RG watch has always been an excellent stage for brands to show the ultimate technology and compete for watchmaking technology. The ultra-thin watch is not only exquisite in craftsmanship, but also exquisitely made. Its ultra-thin texture is very light and fits the wrist. It is first-class in both workmanship and wearing experience. Today, I checked several ultra-thin mechanical wristwatches that can be bought for about 200000 yuan. Earl has always played an important role in the field of ultra-thin wristwatch. This Earl Piaget Polo series g0a45001 wrist watch has a diameter of 42mm and a case thickness of only 6. 5mm. The extremely thin thickness makes the watch and hand fit perfectly. Equipped with Earl's ultra-thin hollow automatic chain up movement 1200s, with exquisite micro swing design, the whole motion thickness is only 2 . 4mm. The 1200s movement is also included in the classic round situation design of the altiplano collection. Count Piaget men's view always has a strong gentlemanly style. The width of six. 5mm is unique in the sport watch. The excellent texture and light work make this exquisite enjoy. The case of this watch is made of 18k rose gold. The size of the case is 38mm. The appearance of the case is actually regular and simple, which exudes the elegant charm of fashion trend along with unique design. The dial is polished and decorated with sun pattern satin, forming an elegant contrast with the 18k rose gold colored case. The watch has a better perspective on the operation of the whole gear set, allowing users to explore the mystery associated with such a super-thin watch masterpiece. The perfect integration of 900p manual cycle up movements and shell components makes its fullness only 3. 65mm, which is composed of 145 parts. The smallest part is just slightly thicker than the hair diameter, and the thickness regarding some gears is only 0. 12mm. The actual gap between parts also needs to be carefully calculated. During the design, the position of each part is very carefully arranged, and also the accuracy is up to one hundredth of a millimeter, It's a traditional ultra-thin see. Ultra thin wristwatch combines superb observe making technologies and beautiful technology. Every part must be strictly polished. The particular rigorous manufacturing technology offers achieved the pinnacle of mechanical art, and this is where the mechanical look at is

The biggest highlight from the watch is the use of the candy color system disk. Typically the grass green color of the disk is similar to mint green, but under the illumination of our shooting light, it tends to be lake blue, which gives people a refreshing consistency in summer. It also has a date display window to ensure the practicality in the watch.

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